Welcome to Hövsgöl!
Hövsgöl is the northermost and greenest part of Mongolia and - some people say - the most beautiful. Hövsgöl is named after Hövsgöl nuur, Mongolia's second largest lake and, in some ways, the little brother of lake Baikal. Northern Hövsgöl has alpine mountains and vast larch forests, the southern parts of the area are marked by the typical Mongolian steppes and hills. And behind every corner might be new adventures and discoveries awaiting.

With an area of roughly 100,000, Hövsgöl is larger than Ireland or Portugal, but has only 120,000 inhabitants. One third of the population lives in the area's administrative center, Mörön. Mörön offers most amenities that a modern small town should have, including TV in several different languages. In the countryside, people live a more traditional and self-reliant life, even though they are now more connected to the rest of the world than ever, thanks to solar cells and satellite TV.

With this site, we wish to give a short overview over our home or second home Hövsgöl. The best we can hope for is that it will inspire you to come and see with your own eyes. Welcome to Hövsgöl.